Do you want to create great looking BIRT reports?

Don’t stay in the introductory phase, learn to write your own code like a pro!

Course Features

This is a video on demand course.  The course comes with BIRT design file downloads and is regularly updated. Below are the course topics.

  • BIRT Introduction

    BIRT Installation, Designer Overview, Labels & Text, Data & Dynamic Text, Images Table & Crosstabs, Charts

  • BIRT Data

    Connect to Database & File, Data Set, Data Cube, Grouping & Sorting, Aggregation, Filtering, Computed Columns, Joint Data Set, Types of Joint Data Sets

  • BIRT Reporting

    Master Pages & Page Breaks, Styles, Report Body, Sub Report, Parameters, Parameter Groups and Cascading Parameters, Nested Objects, Table of Contents, Report Viewer, BIRT Library

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